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Once the relationship ends, you’ll most likely feel a heavy burden lift off your shoulders.

When you realize just how miserable you could be if you were still with that person, a sense of relief is bound to overcome you.

Martinez earned Fedotowsky’s final rose back in 2010, but the celebrity relationship did not last very long as the couple called off their engagement in November 2011.

Now engaged to Kevin Manno, the father of her baby girl, Molly, Fedotowsky claimed her engagement to Martinez was the most successful relationship of her life because she learned so much about herself.

Cupid’s here to help you find the positives in a failed relationship: 1.

You’ll realize there was a reason you broke-up in the first place: During a break-up, your emotions may have been getting in the way of your logical thinking.

"She was giving me tips, and Alec was really nice, asking me where I was from.While focusing on what could still work in the relationship, you most likely ignored what working.Following your break-up you’ll realize why this person wasn’t truly meant to be and that there was a reason the relationship didn’t work. PHOTOS: A look back at Ali's Bachelorette hunks On Sunday, May 5, the new couple were spotted on a cozy lunch date at Little Next Door cafe in L. Fedotowsky, 28 -- in a chambray shirt and purple jeans -- beamed as she leaned into her handsome, dark-haired beau, who carried two containers of leftover food and appeared to be laughing at something.A source close to the alum tells Us the two have been seeing each other for about a month.

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But it was last night that they decided to make their red carpet debut.

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