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Is it that one person has gone off sex and you want to get things back on track?Or are you both perfectly sexually satisfied but wanting to try it as an experiment or as a lifestyle choice?

One thing I always make sure of prior to taking on a client who has been through a break up is that they’ve taken time alone…taken time to just “be”!

Below are the reasons I feel this is not just important, its a must!

And it is especially important for men to learn how to detox now, too.

However, for some single people ready to settle down, a 'sex detox' has been suggested as the way to break out of a dating rut, according to some relationship counsellors.

Clinical psychologist Dr Megan Fleming said “there's something to be said about taking a break and getting that reset” for those who find themselves more interested in sex than a relationships.

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If there’s a sexual problem, the very thought of having sex can create anxiety in people.

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