Review of plenty of fish dating website

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Review of plenty of fish dating website

girls say they want something real you show them something real they don't care and just pick the good looking guy that's fake and just wants sex. most of the girls on there are also very generic, love kids, nursing or some type of medical field, and say they are a country girl or are into country guys even if they live in the middle of ****ing Philadelphia!i'd rather be lonely in real life because at least i don't have some stupid fake generic women looking at me thinking i'm not good enough because of the way i look.Then there are those that will get personal and angry that you criticise the site. Why would these people get offended that you criticise the site? The forums are for diversion and amusement - nothing more. I've been on for almost a year now and yet no one at all is interested. Whether it be girl or guy, I don't find the site in genera to be very conducive to conversation though I agree the site is easy to navigate.Is it that the women on POF are very picky or what? Having been here for 3 years, I've been fortunate enough to meet 4 good people here. If I was messaged I would try to respond in a thoughtful and timely manner.MY ADVICE FOR ALL THE GOOD GUYS: DO NOT DATE ONLINE!so after posting this i will delete my account because **** this site.I've deleted my account and started over again add some new pictures followed the guideline and still had the same result...I am not blaming POF for my rate of success however the community of this network need a little reality check, I've also had some bad experience with the forum community here, I mean I made some suggestions on improving the site, yet I was getting scold by the people because they assumed that I was criticizing the site and insist that I find a better community elsewhere.

I don't remember where I heard of POF but it's probably from a website somewhere.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Okay guys I just want to write a little review/summary about POF.The quality of relationship here depends on me and the individual involved. Btw I'm responding on my mobile and I find it very difficult to type here.Reading the posts here I have got to add my comments.

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So long POFyou guys are idiots but its okay i used to be one too ..

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