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Women were generally more physically attractive than men.White men and White women were rated the most physically attractive.That was two months ago — since then, Color Dating has attracted more than 30,000 users and quite a bit of positive feedback.Tran, a Seattle native who re-located to the Bay Area after stints with Student RND and Tune, said that he primarily made Color Dating after females consistently told him that “I don’t date Asian guys,” or, “I’m just not attracted to Asian guys.” Tran felt that this was unfair and that the trend carried over into dating apps like Tinder.3 different interviewers have rated the physical attractiveness of each participant on 3 different occasions over 7 years.Psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa in a 2011 article analyzed the data.

The average results for the different races and sexes are presented below with 0 as the average result for the whole group and 1 as one standard deviation.

Vu, who went through Y Combinator with two separate startups before launching Color Dating, said that the online dating experience — particularly for quick-swipe apps like Tinder — can be frustrating for minorities.

“If a community is predominately a certain race and expresses a specific preference, if you don’t fit with the majority, you’ll end up having a horrible experience,” he said.

Color Dating has reeled in a small amount of cash from angel investors and is looking to raise its seed round.

The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health) is "a longitudinal study of a nationally representative sample of adolescents in grades 7-12 in the United States during the 1994-95 school year.

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  1. I read a study that said there are 6 women for every man... Chicago is still very much segregated - people have held to the self sorting traditions of eras gone by, so 80% of blacks are south of Sox baseball park & 80% of whites are to the north.