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The military won’t acknowledge you exist until you are married, no matter how many kids you have together. We move around a lot and it’s hard to find a good job every time. We get to live in a ton of awesome and not so awesome places. We have free healthcare which means we have babies for free. I can not tell you how many people have asked me that. Sure, the homecoming is nice, but I bet any wife you ask would rather have her husband home than to be worrying about what could happen. Deployments are also not a get out of jail free card when it comes to cheating. The Marines weren't happy with this knife, and soon a new, improved military/utility knife - the KA-BAR - was under production. Commemorative was so enthusiastically received that it became obvious that the old KA-BAR Military/Utility Knife had retained its reputation throughout the years.These knives soon became the prized possession of every fighting Marine. and Navy Supply Depot inspectors, Dan Brown, then president of KA-BAR, and the entire KA-BAR company, were dedicated to making this knife their contribution to the war effort. The limited production Commemorative was quickly taken up by Marines, knife enthusiasts, and collectors, and KA-BAR knew that it should now be returned to production, in its standard issue form, with all of the original specifications.

Some possible examples of activities encompassed by the term "fraternization" are: Military court decisions and the Manual for Courts-martial make clear that fraternization can occur between enlisted Marines.

KA-BAR's wartime production totaled more than onemillion. World War II ended and KA-BAR Military Knives went out of production for 32 years. history by issuing a "full dress" model of the original KA-BAR, a limited edition that would be meaningful to the Marines.

The KA-BAR knives became so well recognized for their quality and so abundant in number that "KA-BAR" became the reference to the entire knife pattern, regardless of whether the knife was manufactured at the KA-BAR facility. At that time, the original KA-BAR factory in Olean, New York, and some of the craftsmen who worked on the original knife began production again to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the United States Marine Corps. Throughout the production of the commemorative knife, a few KA-BAR senior employees proudly performed the same tasks they had worked on during the war effort, 1942-1945.

The many thousands of KA-BARS produced during World War II performed well, and the people at KA-BAR were proud of the reports that came back from all areas of operations.

As the war escalated, the demand for these knives was so great that the KA-BAR factory alone could not keep up.

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On December 9, 1942, after the start of World War II, KA-BAR submitted a military/utility knife to the United States Marine Corps in hopes that it would become general issue to that branch of the military.

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